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Recent Activities

  • Sheraz Malik
  • Wrote a review

High standard education system

  • Hadia Muzammil
  • Wrote a review

Poor condition

  • Sidra Ansar
  • Wrote a review

I like the standard very good fabulous i hope it's a great for that parents that have good future for those children's.. .

  • Muhammad Tanveer
  • Wrote a review

In thier Karachi Branch Very Pathetic education sys . Care less teaching environment. they Don,t know how to teach, uneducated teachers staff very rude behaviour of their Karachi branch principal Miss Maida.

  • Ghulam Jaffer
  • Wrote a review

Education is ok , very expensive and a lot of pressure and burden on the kids

  • Andleeb Mirza
  • Wrote a review

I am mother of a mamain. This is really a very awesome place. Education is also good but there is a lot of strictness

  • Hira Malik
  • Wrote a review

I stayed at this school because of the academics, and I am so glad that I did. Every teacher here adores their subject. There are some teachers that aren\'t as good as others, but every teacher I\'ve had here has at least loved ... Continue reading

  • Kashish Asif
  • Wrote a review

It's a good school but little expensive.

  • Kanwal Abbas
  • Wrote a review

A very good institute to impart knowledge and for character building

  • Nasreen Ibraheem
  • Wrote a review

Soul satisfying experience. I attended couple of children exhibitions and it was excellent experience

  • Saima Altaf
  • Wrote a review

Much satisfied with the quality of education being given to my children

  • Naseem Abbas
  • Wrote a review

It's a very small school having nursery, kg one and 2 class ....all classes have only 2 sections admin staff is very rude and incorporate ..

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