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About SchoolsPlus

SchoolsPlus is founded in 2018 to help parents and students find best schools in their area. Our users can write reviews and contribute to community. Similarly they can read reviews shared by other SchoolsPlus users. In addition to reviews, one can ask questions specific to any school and talk to other users.

Every school owner (or manager) can signup for a free account to manage their school information. They can post photos, respond back to questions posted on their school page and embed reviews on other sites.

For this purpose, we are building an extensive database of schools in Pakistan. Our goal is to make all this information, in a user friendly manner, available for parents and students to help them find the best school in the city.

As our database is growing with time, so is our commitment to provide interactive system. We are providing a common platform for schools, students and their parents where they could interact and communicate with each other effectively and stay connected.

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