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Middle Schools Reopens After Six Month Closure


The schools across the Pakistan (from class six to eight) reopens on Wednesday 23rd September. The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) allowed reopening of schools, after a six month closure as the Covid-19 situation in the country has improved to some extent.

However, the Sindh government — which has already decided to postpone reopening of schools (from class six to eight) till Sept 28 — is not going to open schools on Wednesday in accordance with the NCOC decision.

The NCOC took the decision during a meeting held here with Planning Minister Asad Umar in the chair. It was attended by Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood and provincial education ministers, except Sindh’s education minister. However, Sindh’s education secretary was present in the meeting.

Sources said that the NCOC was informed by health officials during a meeting that 93,928 Covid-19 tests were conducted in those educational institutions across the country which were allowed to open on Sept 15. In these tests, 606 positive cases were found while results of 27.6 per cent tests were still awaited.

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